The wrong side of history


I just knew Senate Democrats would stick together and pass the move to bring up health care for debate on the floor.

And I figured Republicans would stand together against holding the debate. No lone member of the Grand Old Party would give the go ahead to this historic debate on a matter that affects all Americans.

Frankly, Americans shouldn’t be surprised.  With few exceptions, Republicans opposed the creation of Social Security.  They opposed Medicare.  They were against Medicaid.  They opposed the Great Society programs, such as food stamps and Head Start.    And in this debate, we’ve heard the most outrageous claims, yes, lies from Republican leaders.  They’ve stoked divisions and fostered ignorance.

That’s been the party of Lincoln since the Great Depression – and before.

You’d think the opponents of health care reform would want to get the issues out for a full, robust debate.  You’d think they’d want a crack at changing things they didn’t like about the bill.   Only one House Republican joined a narrow majority of Democrats to pass the more comprehensive bill.  No GOP help in the Senate.

Well, there’s going to be a debate. It will last through the holidays, maybe into the New Year.  But what should promise to be an inspiring, enlightening exercise in democracy likely will be a replay of the acrimony and demagoguery that have characterized the Republican contribution to this point.   So there you have it.  The GOP, once again, on the wrong side of history.

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